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Red Graves 2018

Red Graves - Vintage 2016 - 75cl


Appelation: Red Graves

Grape varieties: Merlot 70%, Carbernet Sauvignon 20%, Petit Verdot 10%


Tasting: This wine presents with a beautiful ruby red color. A pleasent nose with notes of black fruits, berries and dark cherry. Smoky notes that linger the aromas, complemented by  chocolate flavors with slight tones of sweet spices. Smooth, tasty, full-bodied and smooth with a juicy fruity expression.

The fine tannins are enveloped in an opulent body. Balanced, this wine will be pleasent over the years.


Vinification: We pick up the grapes at night, which ensures that the harvest is fresh and therefore healthier. Once in the cellar, we put the grapes in stainless steel vats and then do regular pumping over with aeration to extract the tannins contained in the grapes' pellicles little by little. The wines are then left to age in our concrete vats, which are suitable for preserving wines.


Food and wine pairing: red meat, game, poultry, cheese.


Cellaring: 5 years maximum.


Serving temperature: 16/18°C.

Red Graves 2018

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